2 countries, 2 incredible causes…

June 9th, 2011


REVO San Diego‘s Scott Laughlin recently visited two parts of the world and got to know two amazing organizations….

HAITI - Child Hope International

A quick trip to Haiti turned into a relationship.  Scott traveled to Port-Au-Prince to visit an organization the derived from a young girl’s dream. 

Ariana was nine years old when she had a dream that she would go to Haiti and help orphaned children.  After a visit, her parents sold all that they had and moved there with their three small children.  Eight years later, Child Hope International is a small, but effective organization that cares for over 50 orphans by providing education, medical care, spiritual growth, personal development and a family environment. 

Scott toured their facilities, that are all within a few blocks from eachother.  He was impressed by their heart and love for the Haitian people.  Their programs are well thought out and effective. 

Instead of just benevolent giving to the Haitian people, they also empower young people by providing education.  They transition the older kids by giving them skills in carpentry, textiles, graphic design, business concepts and more.   

For many of these kids, the programs of love of Child Hope will change their lives. 


Other than a little motorbike accident, Scott’s trip to Mae Sot, Thailand was amazing.  For two weeks he and seven others came alongside Compasio, an organization loving migrant Burmese children and families.

Scott and his team gave an “Extreme Make Over” to Compasio’s Prison Baby Home. 

The Prison Baby Home is where small infants have come to live after Prison Guards at the local women’s prison found them living within the prison.  Compasio now cares for them and provides love and a family atmosphere.

The make-over consisted of cleaning, scrubbing walls and floors, painting, washing clothes and dishes, installing fans, electrical work and more. 

Compasio is amazing and Scott’s group was thankful for a short time, be apart of their incredible effort to love people.

For both of these trips, it was yet another eye-openner to a global need.  There are needs all over the world, even in the U.S. and in our hometown of San Diego.  REVO San Diego is a group of individuals that are doing something about it. 

Ask yourself, how can you selflessly serve and love someone else?

Kits For Africa!

February 18th, 2011


It never ceased to amaze us at REVO San Diego, how our city hosts some of the most selfless people and organizations in the county!  We are excited to find yet another incredible local non-profit organization doing amazing work in Africa!

Kits For Africa raises support for underprivileged youth in Africa through athletic programs and the purchase of “kits” (sports equipment and clothing).  Please visit their website for more information and help by donating your time and financial support! 

Also, please join us as we support Kits For Africa at a wine tasting event here in San Diego! 

Wednesday, March 2nd 2011

6pm – 9pm

@Fifty Seven Degrees

1735 Hancock Street | San Diego, CA. 92010

$49 Donation Includes:

5 Wine Tastings, hor d’oeuvres and live entertainment by Andrew Fodor and Paisley Crosby


More Information:


[KFA Website]

[To Donate to KFA]

REVO San Diego + Hope in Haiti 2011

February 1st, 2011

by Corbyn Small (Plant With Purpose Outreach guy and a piece of the REVO SD Team)

Hey all of our REVO SD friends and family! We wanted to say thank you so much for coming out and celebrating great work being done in Haiti through Plant With Purpose’s local staff and for continuing to support the wonderfully courageous people of Haiti moving forward into 2011. We had over 200 people show up, engage, ask questions, and give over $2,800 to support long term community development that is focused on partnership and empowering leaders in Haiti. Specifically, that $2,800 dollars will be used in a way that helps to restore fertility to barren soils and helps farmers to have economic opportunity to provide for their families. For more on Plant With Purpose’s work in Haiti visit our website here http://bit.ly/fsNKHm.

Revo SD exists to bring people together and to encourage and support organizations that are making a positive change in the world. Saturday night was an excellent example of San Diegans showing the world that they won’t just stand idly by, but that they care and they want to be involved in being the change.

Thank you for your loving support and many thanks to all the folks that helped make REVO SD 2011 possible! Here’s some photos thanks to Cody Small (caavadesign.com) and Shaun Boyte (shaunboyte.com).

Revo SD Knows People

January 26th, 2011

By Corbyn Small January 24, 2011

{Reposted from www.plantwithpurpose.tumblr.com} There have been a lot of incredible partnerships that we shared with you all over the course of 2010 and we’re sure not going to stop now! Plant With Purpose is proud to have the artistic and creative genius of Cody Small on our side as we move into 2011 with a bang. Cody is the graphic designer responsible for much of the creation and ongoing development of Plant With Purpose’s branding. What that means is that he designs the quarterly Sower newsletter, the annual report, and other miscellaneous pieces throughout the year so that we can clearly relay the impact that Plant With Purpose is having on so many lives internationally (and he just so happens to be my older brother… double bonus).

We are excited to announce his most recent work for Plant With Purpose to help us advertise and promote a  fundraiser for Plant With Purpose’s long-term work in Haiti. He designed some incredible pieces for us and we wanted to share them with you all (please help us to spread the news in your networks as well!) The upcoming event is called Revo San Diego (http://www.revosandiego.com/) and it will be an evening of live music, drinks, and fun all for the sake of bringing people to together to support families in Haiti. On Saturday, January 29th in Northpark, San Diego we will celebrate the accomplishments of our staff and partners in Haiti as well as look forward to the goals in the coming year.

This last year Cody launched his own freelance graphic design firm called Caava Design (http://caavadesign.com), which focuses on everything from website design and development to branding and photography. Cody was just named one of the top 100 graphic designers in San Diego (a market with too many colleges, art institutes, graphic design programs, and not enough jobs to match the saturation of talent) by Sparkah.com. We are grateful to have his partnership and talent to help Plant With Purpose continue to reach more people with the inspiring transformational stories of farmers being empowered to provide for their families. Cody loves the holistic mission of Plant With Purpose and he has been actively involved with us for the past 3 years. Recently, Cody donated his graphic design abilities for this Revo poster design as well as some other great projects.

Cody’s bio at Caava Design:

Founder // Creative Director // Bicycle Extraordinaire
(pictured on right with co-founder Slade Hammer)
Prior to founding Caava Design, Cody gained branding experience designing for clients such as World Vision, Starbucks, Diageo, Easton, Plant With Purpose, WD-40 and Westfield. He holds a BFA in graphic design from Point Loma Nazarene University. Affectionately dubbed “font savant”, he has an irritating knack for identifying any typeface that crosses his path. He spends most of his time behind a camera, or on his bike, sometimes simultaneously.

Follow both Cody and Plant With Purpose on Twitter: @caavadesign @plantwpurpose

REVO San Diego Event – This weekend!

January 24th, 2011


2010 was an interesting year.  The devastating tragedy in Haiti on January 12th, 2010, tugged on the hearts of many all around the world.  For Plant With Purpose, it was a catastrophe.  However, they’ve been there for over 13 years….

Next week, on January 29th, we will be celebrating the work of Plant With Purpose by hosting a benefit concert in Northpark. 

The details:

Where:  Sunset Ballroom at Clair De Lune’s

3911 Kansas Street 92104

When: Saturday, January 29th, 7pm-10pm

What:  insane music. drinks. art. creativity. an incredible, incredible cause.

REVO San Diego is a branch of www.startarevo.org and we are incredibly honored to devote our time, money, energy and resources to Plant With Purpose and their efforts in a hurting country.  Join us, on a selfless night of encouraging and benfiting an awesome local cause!

REVO San Diego Crew

Why isn’t Haiti Fixed Yet?

January 12th, 2011


January 12, 2011
By Scott Sabin

To hear more from Scott Sabin about our work in Haiti click here

Today marks the one-year anniversary of the Haiti earthquake. Recently, the one question I hear repeated over and over is “Why isn’t Haiti fixed yet?”  Usually the answer supplied to this question identifies a single factor such as corruption, or the inefficiency of the effort.

However this has been an extremely complex emergency, and the reasons for slow return to normalcy are complex as well.  Corruption is definitely a factor —Transparency International consistently ranks Haiti as one of the most corrupt countries in the world.  However, I am not sure it is even a major factor in this case.  Inefficiency is probably a larger factor.  But I have yet to see mentioned what I would consider to be the two biggest factors.

The biggest, in my opinion, is the sheer scale of the disaster.  A typical article in the US media will ask, “With all the aid, resources, and assistance flowing into the country, why isn’t it helping?”  It is implied that all of the aid, resources, etc. are somehow on the same scale as the damage.  Not even close.  Over the first six months I watched the aid community focus on three primary goals: get clean water, sufficient food and two plastic tarps to every family before the hurricane season.  That was where all the resources went.  They largely succeeded and probably saved tens of thousands of lives. It meant that by the summer there were a lot of tent cities, and a tremendous amount of effort being spent on sustaining those, but almost no reconstruction or even rubble clearance.  That is just getting started, but it is a monumental task.

The Port au Prince metropolitan area can be very roughly compared to San Diego County in terms of population, although it covers a much smaller area.  Nonetheless, it may be useful to imagine for a moment that San Diego County was affected like Port au Prince. Two hundred and thirty thousand, or more, dead (nearly one in every ten people) and 60 percent of the structures in San Diego County are destroyed; many completely reduced to rubble.  1.5 million people are suddenly homeless.  Even those whose homes are not destroyed are so traumatized that they sleep in tents in front of their homes for months.  Now imagine that any government assistance or coordination would have to come from city hall, which was also completely destroyed, along with most of the city and county records.

As Port au Prince deals with rubble removal, one of the immediate issues is where do you put it?  Where do you put an entire city worth of rubble? The Shelter Cluster (part of the humanitarian response focusing on shelter and rebuilding issues) estimates that if you put all the debris in shipping containers and put them end on end, they would reach from New York to Las Vegas.  

Next you have to resettle 1.3 million people (those who are still living in camps.)  Where do you put them? Somebody lays claim to almost any piece of land you might choose.  Furthermore, most of the property records have been destroyed.  There is pressure on the government to find land, but they are a lame duck government with no real power, unable to confront the landowners and operating out of a tent. Finally, many of the homeless are afraid to leave the camps because that is where the aid is; they are getting food and water in the tent camps, and they no longer have jobs, so they worry about finding food if they are resettled.

If we were faced with those problems, what would San Diego look like one year on?  Of course, Haiti has few of the resources that San Diego has and is faced with a much higher population density.

In summary, Haiti is not getting fixed because it is an enormous task, far bigger than most people are aware, and will take much longer than people think. There are certainly many things that could have been done better, but in general the public has been unrealistic in their expectations of a quick fix.  There is a tendency to overestimate the capacity of the relief agencies who are doing the best they can.

In a way, this is the same question that launched Plant With Purpose over 25 years ago.  Then the question was posed in the Dominican Republic and it was following Hurricane David.  Plant With Purpose’s founders were involved in hurricane relief, but asked the same question “why are people’s situations not improving?”

It was that which led us to the upstream solutions that we now pursue in each of the countries where we work.  Much of the work in Haiti is still focused on disaster relief, and as we learned all those years ago in the Dominican Republic, disaster relief can keep a situation from getting worse, but does nothing to bring progress to a country or lasting opportunities to individuals. That comes with long-term development and the creation of a genuine and sustainable economy.

Plant With Purpose is going a long way toward fixing a very small part of Haiti.  This is because we have committed to focus on upstream solutions and be in Haiti for the long haul.

REVO SD Artist, Emily Criscuolo, featured in online magazine

November 17th, 2010


Click on the link below, and read about REVO San Diego Artist, Emily Criscuolo, who participated in last years event. Emily has signed up again for the REVO San Diego 2011 event that will benefit Plant With Purpose and their efforts in Haiti.  We’re excited to have her!


REVO San Diego 2011

November 12th, 2010


Hey there REVO People!

Here we go……getting ready, gearing up, getting amp’d to get started on REVO San Diego’s 2nd event in January 2011.  The venue – insane, the Artist – amazingly unique, the benefit – PLANT WITH PURPOSE’s efforts in Haiti!  Stay tuned!

Until then, check out this video of last years event.

REVO San Diego 2010