Project Reach plans for 2012!

January 12th, 2012

At REVO San Diego, we feel it’s important to bring you information on our participating non-profit organizations, and even sometimes those not involved with REVO. 

Project Reach has an intense heart for struggling famlies and at-risk  youth.  Project Reach has created a new initiative of building up the community of San Diego with it’s desire to open “The Hope House”.  The Hope House is a center for hope in the North Park area of San Diego.  The purpose will be to provide resources, professional services and training for families that are struggling to make it. 

PR will also train and equip leaders and volunteers in our community to serve locally and globally.  They are sending 2 teams abroad this year - one to Thailand in June and another to Haiti in October.

Led by Dr. Tim Scott & it’s Director, Scott Laughlin, they have gathered up some incredible individuals who will train their teams; Bryan Monzon (cultural training), Lew Boore (leadership), Lisa Dougan of Resolve Uganda (cultural awareness), James Pearson of Ember Arts (cultural sensitivity and perspective) & more. 

Whether going to Haiti or Thailand, their teams partner with organizations who are there full time, on the ground, working with the people.  In Haiti, they partner with Child Hope International and in Thailand they serve with Compasio.   Their goal is to come alongside these partners to empower them as they serve.

They are currently fundraising for the teams going.  You can donate to them online here.  If you wish to support them financially, please email them at  or send your tax deductible donation to:

Project Reach

2716 Madison Ave.

San Diego, CA. 92116

*visit their website – 

At REVO San Diego, we’re excited to get behind an incredible organization that proves to us that there really are people out there who care about their global community and are doing something about it!

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