Give $11. Ask 11. By 11.11.11.

September 22nd, 2011

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Being so close to so many incredible organizations, people ask us all the time – how can we make an impact?

Well, here is one way you can change a life and make a HUGE impact!  Start with 11!

It is simple – Give $11.  Ask someone else to give $11 by the date – 11.11.11

If you refer 11 people who give $11, you get a t-shirt!  Or, if you give $111, you get a free shirt!

The $11 you give goes directly to help Compasio support children in these tangible ways;

  • Drop-In Center for children on the street
  • Street to School Program – Enrolling street children into school
  • Emergency Shelter for female victims of trafficking
  • Safe-house for children victimized by abuse
  • Family Home for children whose parents are incarcerated
  • Infant Home for babies abandoned at birth awaiting adoption
  • Dump Community - Providing access to medical care and clean water

So join REVO San Diego support this cause.  Let’s together make apathy a thing of the past and see true change in these precious children’s lives!


- REVO SD Team

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