October 8th, 2012

Watch the new highly anticipated film from Invisible Children, MOVE.

MOVE is a behind-the-scenes look at the viral video KONY 2012, the organization behind it, and the movement that made Joseph Kony famous. You can lead or you can follow, but eventually everyone will have to MOVE

Commencement Address 2012: Soil, Community, Heart, and Soul

June 26th, 2012

Commencement Address 2012: Soil, Community, Heart, and Soul

A post by our friend, James A. Pearson.  Read more of his writings here.

I love commencement speeches, so I decided to write one every year. Here is last year’s. And here is one of the best of all time.

Congratulations to the class of 2012. You’ve come just in time. You have until December 21st to avert the apocalypse.

This year I turned 30, gave away most of what I owned (my possessions now fit, more or less, in two black REI duffel bags), and moved to Uganda. It makes my life sound very strange to put it that way, even to me. Because eight years ago when I wore the disappointingly cheap robe and the tasseled hat I could not have placed myself in such a life. It was too far outside the American cultural consensus about what a good life can look like. I still had much to learn.

I use ‘learn’ here as a euphemism for ‘find out I was totally wrong about very important beliefs of which I was extremely confident.’ This sort of learning is cataclysmic, an earthquake of mind and heart, a tsunami of the soul. It comes all at once in a terrifying moment and destroys the earth on which you stand, forcing you to rebuild your world on higher, firmer ground.

My first moment of such learning came while I was in college. I was studying economics in Los Angeles with a mind to make a million dollars and live by the beach and drive a very fast, very well-designed car. Then I went to Nepal. Nepal is home to the Himalayas, the world’s biggest mountains and, from what I’ve seen so far, its most beautiful. Nepal is also home to some of the world’s poorest people, coaxing their meager subsistence of rice and lentils from the impossibly terraced mountainsides. And although many endured poverty to the point of death, this did not restrain the joyful and generous fullness of their communities, the giving and taking-care-of and celebrating together.

During one long trek through the Himalayan dreamworld I crossed the deepest gorge on the planet, so crowned because it lies between two of Earth’s highest peaks. One cannot help but see the analogy to life in Nepal: soaring beauty and humanity astride a dizzying depth of need.

Flying back to the sprawling one-man-kingdoms of Los Angeles I could have scattered my understanding of the world like so many ashes from the plane. It was gone. And with it the future that I had long imagined for myself. I was adrift in the flood, searching for terra firma.

This cataclysmic type of learning is among the hardest experiences I’ve encountered. It undermines the identity, value system, the very sense of meaning of an individual. Three times it has done so to me.

Nonetheless it is my greatest hope for you that you allow such learning to overthrow your life, that you will seek out its catastrophic powers through travel and relationships and deep, open engagement with ideas that differ from your own.

I wish this for you first because these moments of cataclysmic learning have led me, at times painfully, to a truer understanding of identity, values, and meaning, and I believe they will do the same for you.

And secondly I wish this sort of learning for you because the world needs it. Through my most recent moment of cataclysmic learning I have come to see the great challenges the world faces – things like resource depletion, collapsing ecosystems, economic injustice, the changing climate – as symptoms of a deeper cultural problem. They derive from our pervasive global culture of endless growth, the consensus belief that humanity has a manifest destiny to conquer and control the world, no matter the consequences to the Earth or even to ourselves.

For most of us it’s hard to see exactly where this culture is wrong because our own beliefs are built on it, and because we are all complicit in its ills. I consume too much. I support labor exploitation. I drive a CO₂ pumping SUV. Even worse, I depend almost entirely on the global system this culture has created. I need it. And so do you.

This is why we must let truth get to the roots of our beliefs and, where necessary, shatter them. Because only when our foundational beliefs are broken are we driven to find a stronger foundation. Only when our identity and values and meaning are shaken will we send our roots to deeper, truer soil.

One truth that has become clearer to me through each cataclysmic learning experience is: no matter the level of affluence or poverty, what’s important in a person’s life is a sense of meaning. Our global economy-dominated culture would have you find meaning in success, in wealth, in the enjoyment of the many pleasures that it offers. The obvious problem with this sort of meaning is that it can be destroyed, by forces of nature and market.

But there is a stronger, truer source of meaning that can not be broken. It is our own ability to love. We create meaning in our world by loving it and the people and things within it. Here we see the more insidious side of our global culture: in tempting us to find meaning there it wants us to love success, to love wealth, to love luxury, even while these things care nothing for us, and will leave us at our first misstep.

The truer objects of our love care for us as we do them and will not disown us so quickly. There are four that I’ve found: the Earth that sustains our lives, the people who shape our identities, our own health—physical and otherwise, and the deep truths that teach us our values. Soil, community, heart, and soul.

Meaning is not something outside of us waiting to be found, it is a product of our proper relationship to our existence, a loving connection to our place, our people, our selves, and the deepest truth we can muster.

As you make choices in the coming years that will shape your life, your beliefs, your impact on our shared planet, I encourage you to seek soil, community, heart, and soul. Seek them in distant cultures. Seek them in the wisdom of others. Seek them in your own heritage. Let them shake your foundations. Let them topple your worldview. Let them become the bedrock on which you build your part of our future.

You probably won’t end up in Uganda with two duffel bags to your name, but together you might actually save us from that apocalypse, December 21st or otherwise.


Join Plant With Purpose this Friday for a Screening of 58: The Film

April 12th, 2012


Since April is Plant With Purpose’s Global Impact Tour month, we are hosting a screening of the 58: Film at the Moniker Warehouse in San Diego.  Come be moved by heart-wrenching stories from around the world and learn about the hope of transformation that the church can bring to end extreme poverty. 
Friday, April 13, 2012 at 7:00pm
 Moniker Warehouse
705 16th Street Suite 100 San Diego, CA 92101
 Live music by Cameron Lewis
Screening of 58: Fast.Forward.the End of Poverty
RSVP to Becky ( to reserve your seat!
Invite your friends by passing on this email or sharing the event on Facebook.
If you are not able to join us on Friday, please take a minute to check out the Global Impact Tour.  In honor of Earth Day, we’re restoring the fruitfulness to the land by raising funds for reforestation projects in the Dominican Republic.  Your gift today will be doubled through a matching grant!
Thanks for joining the tour!
- Plant with Purpose

KONY 2012

April 5th, 2012


Just in case you’ve been living in a van down by the river lately, you’re probably very aware of KONY 2012!  REVO San Diego supports Invisible Children and their effort to spread the word and call YOU to action!  Watch both video’s below.

KONY 2012 – Part 1


KONY 2012 – Part 2

So what’s next??  Well, we’re glad you asked…..get off your butt and participate in Cover The Night –!!!

Learn More about Invsible children –


Project Reach plans for 2012!

January 12th, 2012

At REVO San Diego, we feel it’s important to bring you information on our participating non-profit organizations, and even sometimes those not involved with REVO. 

Project Reach has an intense heart for struggling famlies and at-risk  youth.  Project Reach has created a new initiative of building up the community of San Diego with it’s desire to open “The Hope House”.  The Hope House is a center for hope in the North Park area of San Diego.  The purpose will be to provide resources, professional services and training for families that are struggling to make it. 

PR will also train and equip leaders and volunteers in our community to serve locally and globally.  They are sending 2 teams abroad this year - one to Thailand in June and another to Haiti in October.

Led by Dr. Tim Scott & it’s Director, Scott Laughlin, they have gathered up some incredible individuals who will train their teams; Bryan Monzon (cultural training), Lew Boore (leadership), Lisa Dougan of Resolve Uganda (cultural awareness), James Pearson of Ember Arts (cultural sensitivity and perspective) & more. 

Whether going to Haiti or Thailand, their teams partner with organizations who are there full time, on the ground, working with the people.  In Haiti, they partner with Child Hope International and in Thailand they serve with Compasio.   Their goal is to come alongside these partners to empower them as they serve.

They are currently fundraising for the teams going.  You can donate to them online here.  If you wish to support them financially, please email them at  or send your tax deductible donation to:

Project Reach

2716 Madison Ave.

San Diego, CA. 92116

*visit their website – 

At REVO San Diego, we’re excited to get behind an incredible organization that proves to us that there really are people out there who care about their global community and are doing something about it!

Shop With Purpose!

November 29th, 2011


Having a tough time shopping for the Holidays?  Well, this Sunday you can come have a great time with friends, make some purchases for your loved-ones and at the same time, have an ethical impact!  Our friends at Moniker are hosting this event in their warehouse downtown SD.  You do not want to miss this!

Address:  705 16th St.  San Diego, CA. 92101

When:   Sunday, Dec. 4th, 2pm – 10pm

Go to the Facebook page and click “Attend” –

REVO SD will be here, will you?

Invisible Children’s screening of “Tony”

October 18th, 2011

Sunday, October 23rd, we will gather to host a FREE screening of Invisible Children’s latest film titled, “Tony”.   Come by inspired by this young man’s remarkable story!

When: Sunday, October 23rd @ 6pm

Where:  Grace San Diego 2716 Madison Ave.  San Diego, CA. 92116

You will not want to miss this……


Give $11. Ask 11. By 11.11.11.

September 22nd, 2011

(click on image to go to link)

Being so close to so many incredible organizations, people ask us all the time – how can we make an impact?

Well, here is one way you can change a life and make a HUGE impact!  Start with 11!

It is simple – Give $11.  Ask someone else to give $11 by the date – 11.11.11

If you refer 11 people who give $11, you get a t-shirt!  Or, if you give $111, you get a free shirt!

The $11 you give goes directly to help Compasio support children in these tangible ways;

  • Drop-In Center for children on the street
  • Street to School Program – Enrolling street children into school
  • Emergency Shelter for female victims of trafficking
  • Safe-house for children victimized by abuse
  • Family Home for children whose parents are incarcerated
  • Infant Home for babies abandoned at birth awaiting adoption
  • Dump Community - Providing access to medical care and clean water

So join REVO San Diego support this cause.  Let’s together make apathy a thing of the past and see true change in these precious children’s lives!


- REVO SD Team

REVO SD will be there! Will you?

July 13th, 2011

It takes a lot of courage to overcome your fears. To move from paralysis to action. To stop running away from and start chasing the “Lions” in your life. It all starts with turning around, facing your fears, and taking that first step in the right direction.

The Lion Chase 5k is put on by REVO SD partner, Amor Ministries.  Amor is a San Diego based non-profit who works to aid poverty stricken families in Mexico, South Africa and on the San Carlos Apache Reservation. The families that Amor seeks to help are faced with systemic poverty: a “lion” that is constantly bearing down on them. By providing them a safe, dry place to call home we inspire those families to be courageous, to take that first step in the right direction, that turn around moment they need.

REVO SD has been about imparting courage since its beginning. Our first event benefited homeless teens in San Diego, supplying them with food & back packs full of essentials. People that need courage to face the next day. Our second event benefited the people of Haiti, a country that needs courage to rebuild after the historic earthquake. And now the people Amor serves in Mexico, South Africa & The San Carlos Apache Reservation. People, that when given the gift of a house, have courage to face poverty and overcome it.

So, have courage yourself and come out and run in the Lion Chase 5k. REVO SD will have a booth there and would love to see you.



Ember Arts: Every Woman Has A Dream

July 11th, 2011

article from….

Every woman has a dream — of personal success or building a family or lifelong adventure, or any combination of 1,000 goals. And today more women than ever have the liberty and resources to pursue their dreams.

But in places like Uganda where conflict and poverty limit opportunity, women’s dreams are often postponed and forgotten. Families invest their few resources in opportunities for boys and men, while girls are pulled out of school and women are confined to little more than domestic servitude. Over time their dreams flicker and fade.

Not only is this unjust, but new research shows that empowered women are often a family’s best hope to overcome poverty. They typically invest 90% of their income in the education and well-being of their families, as compared to only 30% or 40% among men. And as families succeed, so do communities. And as communities prosper, so do nations.

Ember Arts exists to rekindle the dreams of women in poverty. We build successful business ventures in partnership with these women and invest in their training and education, and they invest in their families and communities as only they can.

Every woman has a dream. And as more women around the world have the liberty and resources to pursue their dreams, more families, communities, and nations will prosper.


We are proud to add Ember Arts to our Friends Page and promote yet another San Diego based organization that selflessly devotes time and resources to others….